Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sphynx Cats live for the night!

by Famke

I am an odd-eyed sphynx cat, so I am told, because I have a blue eye on the left and golden eye on the right. I do not think it odd, rather I prefer to think it gives me a different perspective on the Jellicles lurking in this place. You see we have all kinds of names. Some of us are coined after celebrities, while others so odd I can't begin to meow them. A few are nice, sweet and easy to remember. But that's not what I wish to discuss. I want to talk about life around here. It is a ball and we live for the night!

We are hairless, except for Joey and he is an import I think. So we need warmth and lots of it.  The lady that tends to our every little need must be nuts, but without her, well, I shutter to think. We have nice warm beds stashed all round the house on a first come, first snooze basis. We love lounging in windows for the Sun.  After dark, we move towards gatherings on the beds, our furniture trees and under covers where we find them. We come out for food because our metabolisms burn it off, except for Creamora the proverbial fat cat!  He is neutered and only thinks about food. We cruise the counters and feeding stations spread throughout the house. That way everybody gets a chance to eat.  We love ground chuck and other goodies the crazy lady puts out for us.  It is like a casino buffet.  So we tan and eat during the day and early evening get ready for the later on ball.

Hey, we are jumpers.  We like to leap and run. There is always a cat or two running from one end of the house to the other. Everybody has an agenda. There are dogs running around in low places, but they know we have a pass or out they go. Cool huh, fed by humans and protected by dogs, we have to be special, right?

So as the evening progresses, we begin to note dogs falling off in their beds, humans dosing off in chairs or going to bed. Lights start dimming as night lights slowly take over the glow. So off we go to grab another bite and fuel up for the fun. That's our cue - the Ball is getting ready to begin, meow!

Just to make it a good and naughty night, there is always somebody in heat and a full male ready to light. Selected side action I think, making for an even more Jellicle sight. You see, we are first cats and being sphynx we live for night!

Slowly we rise and creep into the rooms where nobody can see except one lone witness.  A freaking bird named Tweety, screeching, "What are you doing? Did you do that?" Why, yes we did. Lucky he is in a cage!

We run and tumble and dance throughout. We play with toys and tumble about.  We knock things down and spread stuff around. Later we act as though we were not around.

Then as we begin to run out of gas and registered our fun, we slowly creep off for another rerun. Sorry about the mess, but we deny everything. We are sphynx cats and live for the fun!


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