Monday, February 13, 2012

Chinese Crested Puppies Run Amok!

Chinese Crested are toy dogs and these two are on the small side, but perfectly matched. Mini Me is an HL crested female and Rudy a male Powder Puff.  You never know what you will get in a litter.  Mini is Rudy's aunt.  Puppies love to play and these two chase on another all the time. I had to get down to catch the action on their level. Enjoy!

And they're off

Mini Me on the left, Rudy on the right

Mini has the lead by half a length

Mini stops to bark

Rounding the patio, they pause to listen and gawk

Rudy braces for the wind, collects his thoughts

Rudy approaches as Mini is out of gas

Rudy stands alone, wants more but it is over for now!

Both of these dogs are currently available and would make great pets.  Both are very petite and very charming.  You can read more about them and see their galleries on our website.

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